Brief History of
All Saints' Episcopal Church

The parish was organized as a Layman's League in June, 1916, to provide worship services according to the liturgy of the Episcopal Church and Sunday School for children.  In November, 1918, the parish was incorporated as All Saints' Episcopal Church and the Rev. T. Raymond Jones was engaged as Resident Rector.  Since that time, All Saints' has continued to grow and serve the spiritual needs of the community.

The parish first worshipped in the "Chapel" (located where our upper parking lot now is), and in August 1922, ground was broken for construction of our present structure.  The church building was dedicated on September 23, 1923.  In 1955, an educational building was added, and in 1966 the entire nave and sanctuary area as well as some of the parish hall facilities were renovated.  The parish also owns a two story brick rectory a short block from the church.

In 1951, and in 1954, All Saints' established two missions:  St. Mark's in Chenango Bridge and St. Andrew's in Vestal.

Since its inception, ten clergy have served as rector of All Saints', one of whom later became the sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Central New York - The Rt. Rev. Walter M. Higley.

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Guidance and leadership at All Saintsí Church since its inception is as follows:

Blue colored entries are curates and Green colored entries are associates.


The Rev. T. Raymond Jones

1918 - 1925

The Rev. Seward G. Sherwood

1925 - 1929

The Rev. Walter M. Higley

1929 - 1943

The Rev. Burke Rivers

1943 - 1948

The Rev. G. Clayton Melling

1948 - 1958

The Rev. Donald R. J. Reed

1958 - 1969

The Rev. James F. Root, Curate

1959 - 1967

The Rev. Alfred N. Tuttle, Curate (also part-time until 1972)

1967 - 1969

The Rev. Hubert S. Wood, Jr.

1970 - 1987

The Rev. Kenneth E. Anderson, Associate

1979 - 1987

The Rev. Kenneth L. Chumley

1989 - 1994

The Rev. H. Arthur Doersam, Associate

1994 - 2012

The Rev. John H. Barrett, Jr.

1996 - 2002

The Rev. Christine J. Day

2004 - Current

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