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Cabaret 2015
















Retirement Luncheon for Bobbie Steflik January 4, 2015 (26 years of service)


cake for Bobbie IMG_0322 Bobbie and Linda and cake


IMG_0301  20150104_120255  20150104_121608


20150104_121635 IMG_0320  20150104_121621 


20150104_120355 20150104_120315 20150104_120606 




Retirement Luncheon for Laura Nancy Kennedy June 1, 2014







Scout Sunday February 2014


Scout Oath Scout Sunday Christian Day giving homily Christian Day

Laura Nancy Kennedy’s 35th Year as Organist






Pictures from Cabaret 2014


Pictures from Pentecost



Pictures from Christmas


Soft Space in Rear of All Saints’ Church




Mardi Gras Sunday

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Homecoming Hot Dog Roast

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Chicken Barbeques Over the Years  



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Tom Johnson in Chair


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